It’s been a few days since my last post and a lot has happened. Day 7 today though – one week down (and 2 more weeks to go)!! I’m down 7 pounds as of this morning and feeling really good. I did, however, speak a little too soon when I said I was lucky to not have any major detox symptons… Day 5 was actually one of the roughest days for me so far. I had a headache most of the day and when I woke up, I noticed my face started breaking out a little bit (ugh). Day 6 I woke up headache free and feeling so much better. I guess that is what some people would call my ‘healing crisis’. The weather here in Chicago has been rainy, dreary and cold. Not the ideal weather in May, and it just makes you crave warm, comfort food. I found that the best thing to do to keep my mind off of eating is to just keep busy. I went shopping, took a yoga class, cleaned, my husband and I took our dog, Grizzly to the dog park…anything to keep my mind off of eating.

Yesterday, I actually discovered something that satifies my coffee craving (finally!). I made some cashew milk and mixed it in some rooibos tea. It’s so creamy and delicous and totally hits the spot! Check out the recipe for the cashew milk here. Some people may argue that cashew milk shouldn’t be part of a juice cleanse. I see both sides, but I just needed something and it’s better having some raw cashew milk than breaking the cleanse, PLUS, my favorite juice cleanse company, BluePrint Cleanse, has it as there last juice of the day in their program. It really hits the spot and you look forward to it all day. If you’ve never had cashew milk, you are missing out and I highly suggest making some!! Plus, if you don’t feel like buying a juicer and spending all of the time juicing, try a 3-day juice cleanse from BluePrint. They are expensive, but there are occassionaly sales, so sign-up to be on their email distribution list. Plus they ship anywhere in the U.S.

Working out during a juice cleanse
Some people question whether or not you should work out during a cleanse. I think it’s important to listen to your body. It might be okay for some, but if your body is telling you to rest, then listen and just relax! My typical workout consists of weight training and although I have read that it is okay to do some light weight training, I decided that I would encorporate some hot yoga into my reboot program, since it is easier on my body and all of the sweating will get out all of those toxins! I found that there were a couple of times I felt a litte dizzy, so I had to slow down and be sure that I had enough water, but overall, I felt great when I finished!

What to do with all of the leftover pulp?
One more thing for today. Juice pulp. The first few juices I made, I felt really guilty throwing away the leftover pulp and tried to come up with some ideas of what to do with it. Here’s the solutions I have found:

1. If you have a dog, add some pulp to your dog’s food (just be sure that all of the fruits and vegetable are safe and non-toxic for your dog.) Check out this list of ones to avoid. P.S. My boy Grizzly LOVES the addition to his breakfast and dinner – he literally licks the bowl clean.

2. Add the pulp to your compost pile. We don’t actualy have a compost pile because we live in a condo and don’t have a yard, but one of our neighbors is a big gardener and gladly accepted a big bag of pulp.

3. Dog treats – I haven’t made these yet, but am planning to do it soon and will keep you posted!