Day 2 – yay! I’m doing okay today…but it’s rainy and dreary out and I’m craving coffee with lot’s of cream and sugar and something yummy for breakfast…but of course, I had to settle on a green juice. And it is not.the.same. I’m tired and was pretty tired yesterday as well and I’m just looking forward to when everything starts kicking in and all this juicing gives me lot’s of energy! My husband is joining me today and has committed to doing a 10-day reboot after he watched ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’. I’m excited to have him along for the ride (or at least the first 10 days), becuase it will be much easier not seeing him eat food and not having him ask me to make him food. The only downside? I am going to be one busy juice-making lady. I’m planning on juicing every other day and making enough juices to last 2 days. But that meant that last night, I had to juice about 20 juice portions for the two of us. It took FOREVER! (Look at all of those veggies I juiced last night!) I’m hoping that once I get into the swing of things it will not take so long. Juices are best when you drink them right away, but they are still okay to drink up to 48 hours later. Oh, and one tip – run the pulp through the juicer again and you’ll be surprised at how much more juice you can get out of it. I ended up putting all of my pulp through about 3 times and was quite happy with the juice it was able to extract. Happy Juicing!