Sunrise Juice
My husband seems to be having a much more difficult time than I am with this reboot. He’s a day behind and I think that makes a difference, and I know everyone’s body is different (I seem to be lucky so far in not having any major detox symptoms aside from some low energy the first couple of days) but I can’t stress enough that you have to be mentally prepared for this before you do it. I have literally surrended to the fact that I am only drinking juices for another 17 days. It’s interesting to me all the moments during the day when I would have had something to eat when I wasn’t even hungry. More out of habit. At the end of this journey, I really hope to have a different and more healthy relationship with food.

So this morning I woke up and it was the first day I really noticed that I wasn’t hungry. What a relief. It helps, of course, that I am not around food – yesterday was tough in that coffee shop – whiffs of bacon were really making me hungry. Or were they just making me want to eat? Either way, today I am working from home. I had originally planned on only weighing myself once a week, but this morning I couldn’t help myself. I was just curious to see how much weight I lost in 3 days, if anything. I weighed in at 153 – that’s 5 pounds gone in 3 days!! I know that weight fluxuates and that a lot of what I lost is water weight, but it certainly is motivating. In addition to the weight loss, my psoriasis seems to be not as inflamed. It’s still very much there, but just not as red. I did notice last night that my skin seemed extra dry. I coated myself with coconut oil before I went to bed and may consider adding a teaspoon or so to a drink today, but I really would prefer to keep it only juices. Speaking of juices – I made this new juice that I am drinking as we speak for breakfast today called ‘Sunrise Citrus Juice’ and I think it’s absolutely delicious. My husband wasn’t a big fan at first, but he said he grew on him as he was drinking it. I personally LOVE it! I modified this recipe slightly – here is my recipe:


2 grapefuits (peeled)
1 red pepper (remove stem and seeds)
1 apple
6 carrots

Happy Juicing!